Understand Your Customers Needs

Get feedback from customers to improve your business.

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Collect feedback

Collect Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is easy and fast with easy to understand pages.

Moderating tools

Moderating Tools

Filter unwanted content with help of moderating tools and manage everything without any problem.



Set up webhooks to listen for changes in board, for example with Discord notifications.

Private Boards

Private Boards

Restrict who can see and access your board and how they can be invited to it via admin panel.

Free and Open Source

Free & Open Source

Feedbacky is a fully free and open source software project located at GitHub here.

Easy to Self Host

Easy to Self Host

Download sources and check our simple tutorial how to set up self hosted instance.

Simple and
Intuitive Page

Your customers will find the page simple to use and give you more feedback. With Markdown support feedback can be more descriptive and of higher quality.

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Project Dark Mode
Project Dark Mode
Project Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode while being logged in and reduce eye strain. Auto detection will enable Dark Mode if preferred by user automagically. Also who doesn't like Dark Mode?



Free Tier

Cloud Hosted

Free forever hosted at our official server.

  • 5 Boards Limit
  • Powered by Feedbacky Attribution

Self Hosted

Self hosted version compiled from GitHub sources.

  • Unlimited Boards
  • Fully Configurable
  • Easy to Modify
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